Expo Shanghai 2010

<+02:00>17 May 2010

The Shanghai Expo 2010 opened on 1 May, will be open until 31 October for an exhibition period of six months and, according to latest estimates, expects a more than 70 million visitors, a daily average of 600,000 people

“The Expo is a city alive 24 hours on 24, any person is involved in organizing the event, whatever his status, is working full-time,” said an insider.

Are already tens of thousands of visitors to Venice Pavilion, just five days of the Expo in Shanghai, an event that has already gained a reputation as “Expo record.

Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea, Stefania Prestigiacomo, present at representing the Italian government, has personally expressed compliments for the beauty and atmosphere that was created in the Venetian Pavilion where the choice of objects exposed and movies have been selected to tell an international audience technological excellence, cultural and artistic resources of our region. Minister Prestigiacomo told reporters that the theme “Better City, Better Life” has made a deep impression: “We know that exposure hundred and fifty years from now meet regularly to address issues that are of strategic issues for the development of planet. We expect that this exhibition is an opportunity for Italy and the Veneto to assert its presence in China with their business and their products come out a strong message, a strong awareness of Governments, taking out some ‘best of everything that is not only represented in the pavilion, but in all the halls, to imagine a city of the future, a city on a human scale, a sustainable city. ”

The municipality of Shanghai has spent 60 billion dollars to improve infrastructure in the city, bringing the subway network to 400 kilometers, almost twice two years ago and opened a new terminal at Pudong Airport. Until October 31 in Shanghai, the Paris of the East, will focus on the theme “Better City, Better Life”, that urban development and sustainability, meeting between different cultures and new technologies. And who better than Venice can and must be the challenge? To do that we sent in our pavilion, in cooperation with the city universities, including young graduates who can speak Chinese, to better explain to visitors the peculiarities of our territory. This was very surprised the Chinese, because only our children speak in Mandarin, this happens in any other pavilion, but this was done in the ancient spirit of Marco Polo, who has always represented the enlightened merchant, one who seeks to know and understand the place where he is, telling the same time, his hometown. And this is the spirit of the pavilion.

As for China, however, even for Italy Expo 2010 has a meaning that goes beyond mere performance. The event is a major opportunity to promote our businesses and our beauties in a country that has 1.3 billion inhabitants and a gross domestic product continues to grow. The pavilion is therefore “a postcard of the best Veneto able to produce and export, including the upcoming Expo, in Milan 2015, which sees Italy to produce world-class event.” The long road to Milan starts from Shanghai and, given the history here in China, we can certainly hope for a great universal exposition Milanese.

Italy: hosted its first International Exhibition of Art and Industry in Turin (1870). It said a second one in Milan in 1881. Designed an international exhibition for 1942 that did not take place but left an indelible mark in the city of Rome, which had planned the neighborhood called. Now, in 2015, the EXPO in Milan, in which the organizing committee is the city of Venice. And the challenge continues.